Everyday Companions

In this section we would like to present you some gadgets that are really, really useful. First, the Wekapo inflatable sofa. It is incredibly practical in so many situations. We use it on the beach, for a little lunch break during a hike or during open-air festivals. Bottom line: Jealous looks are guaranteed! 

Furthermore, check out the foldable back pack. Wherever you go, this gadget should be with you. But beware of impulse buying! 😉 

Finally, have a look at the foldable bottle – the perfect everyday accessory!

Survival Tools for Outdoor Freaks

The next tools we would like to introduce to you are especially for the outdoor-freaks among you. 

First, the multifunction bracelet that comes with numerous practical functions, such as a compass, a knife or a life-saving line. The price-quality ratio is outstanding and the bracelet is a great (birthday) gift for outdoor-lovers. 

The same applies to the portable water filter, which is an indispensable tool for your survival backpack. It is small and light and helps you to clean water when necessary. As already Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – therefore, it is impossible to have too many of these practical tools 🙂

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