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Smart Watches

Our Top 3 Picks for High-End Brands

Apple Watch Series 6

When it comes to design and function, the Apple Watch Series 6 is clearly convincing (which makes us overlook the rather high-end price). The watch face that is visible without waking the screen (Always-on retina display) can be personalized. Using that function means that the watch can be adapted to your outfit / mood every day. We love it! Regarding design, let us also mention the easy and intuitive operation and the comfortable wristband. 

The technical features are equally impressive: the smartwatch does not only support your workout by providing one of the best fitness trackers (it’s like having your gym instructor nearby), but also comes with blood oxygen and heart rate measurement, fall detection and a sleep tracker. Compared to the former models Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 3, the new Apple Watch has a 20% faster processor and new features, such as blood oxygen and heart rate measurement. The battery life is usually sufficient for the day – it lasts up to 18 hours. 

In a nutshell – a great watch and a clear recommendation!

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3

The SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3 clearly is an eye catcher and looks like a “true” watch. It comes with a unique, flashy design, more than 50.000 watch faces and a premium leather band.

When it comes to health, the SAMSUNG Galaxy watch supports you by providing a heart rate and oxygen level monitor, a trip detector as well as a sleep tracker. Another bonus is that it also pairs with select iOS devices.

Battery life is good – from our experience about 1.5 days. There are a huge number of workout functions, from walking to swimming.

Thumbs up for a stylish and sophisticated smartwatch!

Fitbit Versa 3

A great solution for sports junkies, no matter if you run, hike or swim, the Fitbit Versa is a great sports coach on your wrist. The interface is clean and easy to operate. Also, the GPS works perfectly. But what really impresses us is the battery life of almost one week. Also, the Fitbit Versa 3 works perfectly with voice assistants (Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa)

Our 3 top picks for under 100$

Our 3 top picks for under 50$​

Fitness Trackers

Our Top 3 Picks for High-End Brands​

Our 3 top picks for under 50$

Smart Jewellery

Wellue O2 Ring

The Wellue O2 Ring is a highly useful tool. It is not only a sleek and comfortable device, but also enables all-day O2 measurement.

But for whom might that be useful? Well, above all pregnant women, the elderly, brainworkers and people in high altitude locations might benefit from oxygen measurement.

The ring helps to improve sleeping behavior, and can for instance help detecting sleep apnea due to snoring. And for the data nerds among you – a sleep report can be downloaded.

Oura Ring

A good night’s sleep is essential for well-being. The Oura Ring can bring you a step closer.

Its design is outstanding and at the first glance you would not even recognize that the ring has smart functions. But it has lots of them. It not only has a skin temperature sensor and infrared light, but also provides an accelerometer for activity detection. Battery life is 7 days.

Only one thing is left to say: Put a ring on it 🙂

Bellabeat Leaf Health Tracker

The Bellabeat Leaf Health Tracker is not only an eye-catcher, but it also comes with lots of functions that you would not suppose. It tracks your steps, distance moved and calories burned. It can also help to improve sleep by tracking sleep patterns (e.g. bedtime). Finally, it can be used to track reproductive health and the menstrual cycle. 

In a nutshell: the Bellabeat Leaf Health Tracker is a beautifully designed jewellery (necklace / bracelet / clip) with a high hidden potential.

Echo Frames

Echo Frames are smart glasses with open-ear audio that can help you manage your life. We would describe the design as chic and modern-nerdy. 

They are connected to Alexa and assist in checking your calendar, to-do-lists, and reminders. And who does not know these situations where you don’t have free hands, but would like to call someone…guess what, a short command via the Echo Frames can start the call.

All in all, a highly useful tool.

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